Since its inception in 2016 VapingMad has built its reputation on exceptional customer service, a wide variety of the latest flavours and authentic products for beginners and more discerning vapers.  We consider our customers to be like family, and we strive to make every vaping experience a positive one.

The Story 

A smoker for more than ten years, the Mad Professor (owner of VapingMad), had to kick the habit and fast. As many smokers will know, quitting is an arduous journey. Hope is at hand thanks to an Electronic Nicotine Delivery System, i.e. Vaping. After taking up vaping the Mad Professor puffed his last ciggy (may they rest in peace) within two weeks. 

As time passed smells became more fragrant, tastes sweeter, and he became fit and healthy. Taking up vaping was life-changing.    

The Professor mused; ’If this was so beneficial to my health and lifestyle, why not help other smokers kick the habit and use Vaping as the alternative?’   

That’s the legend of how VapingMad was born, and the Madness had begun.

The Goal

VapingMad stands out for its family vibe and easy atmosphere. Pretentiousness and an unwelcoming attitude is not our style, and we were committed to keeping it that way.  The goal was simple: change as many lives as possible, at the lowest cost, while being as accommodating as possible, and it's working.

We are a company for Vapers by Vapers!

VapingMad provides outstanding customer service which first and foremost, quickly set it apart from other vape stores. The staff pride themselves on being attentive, supportive, and knowledgeable. We take our work and our customers seriously, but to add, FUN is also part and parcel of our culture - everyone loves the Madness that the VapingMad community oozes. 

The People

The people of VapingMad are the lifeblood of the company. Beyond the business aspect, every single person at VapingMad sees vaping as a lifestyle, hobby and are passionate about and dedicated to the vaping industry.  Without the passion, energy and knowledge from the staff, VapingMad wouldn't be where it is today.  We encourage our staff to express their personalities fully in their jobs - This is where the MADNESS happens.